Here I will try to answer your most frequently asked questions.

  • Q: I already have models, can you paint them?

  • A: Yes, we can, you send the models to us, we paint them and send them back, you pay only for the work and delivery of the models to us, the delivery of models from us will always be at our expense.

  • Q: I want to modify the model, make some conversions before painting, is that possible?

  • A: Of course, all modifications of the model can be discussed, this is not a problem.

  • Q: I want to place a large order, are there any discounts or bonuses?

  • A:Definitely yes! For all orders over 1000 USD, a very pleasant bonus system is provided.

  • Q: What social networks can I find you on?

  • A: Icons of all social networks where you can find us are located on the main page of the site, these are instagram and twitter.